Workplace bullies an endangered species

In a recent decision of the Fair Work Commission, the Commissioner made orders preventing a manager from approaching employees or attending their workplace (and vice-versa) for 24 months. These orders was made using relatively new powers bestowed on the Commission.

The manager in question was a property manager in a real estate agency, which was found to have engaged in repeated unreasonable conduct, including belittling staff, swearing, yelling and using inappropriate language, interfering with the employee’s work, slamming objects on the employees’ desks and attempting to incite the applicants to victimise other staff members.

The employer was ordered to implement an anti-bullying policy, with accompanying procedures and training.

Of course, NextGen Legal’s clients don’t bully staff.

Nevertheless, the case is a salient reminder that while we are busy working hard in our businesses, we are all subject to review by external legal bodies who have new and ever increasing powers.

How can we help? NextGen Legal have developed a very user friendly Anti-Bullying Policy and training session. We can deliver these to you at a fraction of the cost of other organisations.

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