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Agreed Pricing Options

We understand that clients are very apprehensive about legal fees and this can often be a barrier to engaging a lawyer.

Talk to us about our agreed pricing options which will give you certainty and peace of mind. If you choose an agreed pricing option, NextGen Legal will specify the services to be provided in our Legal Cost Agreement. Disbursements or third party costs incurred on your behalf, are not included in our agreed pricing. However, all significant disbursements (such as barrister’s fees) will be discussed before they are incurred.

Some practice areas, particularly litigation, can be unpredictable as circumstances can change and the goal posts can shift often. In these instances, we will outline the different stages of litigation and set out the likely costs associated with each.

Contact us to discuss fees and agreed pricing options.

  • Agreed Pricing specifies the services included
  • Certainty and peace of mind
  • All significant disbursements are discussed
  • Stages can be outlined with costs associated

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